Horse Boarding and Training in Milton, PA

Horse boarding and training at Summer Breeze Stables in Milton, PA, offer great amenities for your horse. We offer a variety of boarding and training options in our one-of-a-kind facility. If you are looking for year-round boarding, let us know. Our caring staff lets you board and pamper your horse with care and confidence.

Please contact us online or call (570) 412-0771 for current horse boarding and training rates or to set an appointment to visit our facilities. We invite you to discover all that Summer Breeze Stables offers for the care of your horse.

Year-Round Boarding and Facilities

Located in beautiful central Pennsylvania, Summer Breeze Stables is an excellent place to experience all the benefits of horse-ownership and horse-riding. Summer Breeze Stables has been a staple in the horse community for more than 40 years. Whether you are ready for competition or you are coming for your first lesson, we have a place for you. Come experience our special combination of friendship, horse relationships, fun, and learning. Call (570) 412-0771 or contact us today to schedule your visit.

Let Summer Breeze Stables Board and Pamper Your Horse

Indulge your horse in a heated wash bay with hot and cold water, acres of turnout pastures, and a heated viewing lounge for your convenience. Horses enjoy stalls cleaned daily and bedded with shaved bedding. Fed twice a day, Horses receive quality timothy mixed hay as well as a variety of grain and sweet feeds, depending on the individual horse’s diet.

  • Year-Round Boarding
  • Staffed 24/7
  • 12’ x 12’ Average Stall
  • Larger Horse Accommodations
  • Indoor and Outdoor Arenas
  • Soft Sand Footing
  • Training Rides
  • Heated Wash Bay
  • Turnout Pastures
  • Shaved Bedding
  • Feedings Twice Daily
  • Individual Attention

Visit Summer Breeze Stables for Proper Riding Techniques