Horse Shows and Clinics
at Summer Breeze Stables in Milton, PA

For more on horse shows at clinics at Summer Breeze Stables in Milton, PA, just give us a call. Summer Breeze Stables hosts two local horse riding shows annually. Our members can compete against other training facilities in the Central Pennsylvania Hunter Circuit. The CPHC was founded in 1979 to help bring quality horse shows to the Central Pennsylvania area. Summer Breeze Stable is excited to be a part of this prestigious group. There are also opportunities to travel to major USA Equestrian shows in New York, Maryland, and New Jersey.

September 15, 2024

Pony Camp Dates
July 15-19th 2024
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For a list of current horse riding shows and clinics at Summer Breeze Stables in Milton, PA, please contact us online or call (570) 412-0771. Find out what you need to compete or what clinics we have lined up. We invite you to discover all that Summer Breeze Stables can teach you.

Horse Riding Clinics to Learn From the Best

From time to time we are also privileged to host clinics from well-known trainers from across the United States. Over the past years, we have hosted Debbie Stephens, Beezie Madden, John Roper, Bobbie Crandall, and the late Ronnie Mutch, who have demonstrated their training expertise to riders at our stable. During our clinics, you will get to hear a presentation from the profound riders that visit and then get your chance to practice their value training techniques in the ring. We can provide helmets, but you can also bring your own appropriate helmets.

Hunt Seat Riding

What is hunt seat riding? Hunt seat riding is a very popular style of English riding. Hunt seat style helps the horse to balance over fences or cross country, with the correct rider’s position mirroring the horse’s movement.

There are two types of competitive hunt seat riding, hunters and equitation. In the hunter ring, horses are judged on movement, form, and manners. The rider is judged on position, neatness of attire, and how well the rider can control their horse. While riding hunt seat equitation, only the rider is judged, while jumping or on the flat. In hunt seat equitation there might be a pattern which you need to memorize consisting of backing up, turning on the haunches, and counter canter.

Competition Disciplines:


Hunter Derby

Hunter Pleasure

Special Hunter


Under Saddle

Call today for more information on horse shows and clinics at Summer Breeze Stables in Milton, PA.